AGI Seminar Series

Sungjin Ahn

Associate Professor School of Computing Graduate School of AI Center for Neuroscience-Inspired AI KAIST
I am currently an Associate Professor in the School of Computing at KAIST. Before joining KAIST, I served as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University and had an affiliation with the Center for Cognitive Science. I am the Director of the Machine Learning and Mind Lab, which operates at both KAIST and Rutgers. My research interest can be found here. My academic background includes a Ph.D. from the University of California, Irvine, where I studied scalable approximate Bayesian inference under the supervision of Prof. Max Welling. Following this, I pursued a postdoctoral fellowship at MILA, working on deep learning with Prof. Yoshua Bengio as my mentor. My complete CV can be found here.


Email: sjn.[lastname]@gmail.com
Office: E3-1 3435, KAIST


Conference Organizing Committee
Workshop Organizing Committee
Area Chair
NeurIPS (2021~), ICML(2021~), ICLR (2023~), AAAI(2021~)
NeurIPS (2015-2020), ICML(2015-2020), ICLR(2015-2022), AISTATS(2015 - 2020), AAAI(2015 - 2020)